Saint Peter

1 BC (Bethsaida, Israel) – 67 AD (Rome, Italy)

Jesus was teaching a lot and needed a rest. So, he went out on a lake in Peter’s boat to get away from all the people who wanted to hear and see him. The weather was not very good though. It was very windy and there were big waves, which scared the apostles. In the middle of the night, the apostles woke up and couldn’t see Jesus anywhere. Suddenly they noticed him walking on the water towards them.

At first they couldn’t believe their eyes and got scared even more! As usual, Peter spoke first: “Jesus, let me too walk on the water!” When Jesus invited Peter to join him, he stepped out of the boat and made a few steps towards him. But, he got scared because of the strong wind and because he really couldn’t believe that Jesus could make him walk on water! Peter started to sink and panic and cried for help: “Lord, save me!”

Jesus came to him straightaway and pulled him out of the water. “Why were you afraid?,” he asked Peter, “Why didn’t you believe me?” Peter loved Jesus a lot and wanted to follow him everywhere, but he didn’t realize that Jesus was the Son of God and so nothing was impossible for him. Peter learned to really trust Jesus, like you trust your mum and dad.

“Lord, you know that I love you.”

(John 21:15)

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