How do I become a saint?

Have you ever helped your parents by tidying your room? Have you tried to cheer up a classmate who was sad? Have you shared a snack with another kid? Have you stood up to those who were mean to another boy or girl? Have you ever told anyone that you love Jesus? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and I am sure you have, then you are on your way to be- coming a saint. Being a saint is the same as following Jesus. Asking yourself what Jesus would do in your place – and do it!

In this little book we would like you to find out about some of our favorite saints. Saints, who have lived like Jesus so much that they are examples for us all to follow. You will see that the great saints who came before us have included poor fishermen, brave warriors, smart scientists, noble princesses, gifted artists and kind popes. What they all had in common though was their love of Jesus in the poor, the weak and the lonely and that they always looked for ways to serve Him and to bring everyone to Him.

We hope that the new friends you will meet in this book will make you want to follow them, so that you may one day join them and all the saints in Heaven.

Ján & Peter


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