Saint Joseph

90 BC (Bethlehem, Israel) – 18 AD (Nazareth, Israel)

Do you know who Jesus’ dad is? That’s right – it is God the Father. And do you know who Saint Joseph was? He was Mary’s husband and looked after Jesus like a dad while he was on Earth. It was with the help of Saint Joseph that Jesus learned how to be a good boy and then grow up to be a good man.

Already before Jesus was born, Saint Joseph loved Him and His mum, Mary, very much. When an angel told Saint Joseph in a dream that Mary had God’s baby son in her tummy, he immediately did what God asked him and looked after Mary and Jesus. You too do that, don’t you? When you see that someone needs your help, you go and help. Right?

When baby Jesus was born, the angel spoke to Saint Joseph again and told him that a bad king wants to kill Jesus and that he needs to take his family and escape to Egypt. That must have been quite scary, don’t you think? What do you think Saint Joseph did? That’s right! He took Mary and baby Jesus and travelled with them as quickly as he could to safety. After some years, when it became safe to return home, the angel spoke to Saint Joseph again, and the Holy Family made their way back from Egypt.

During the following years Saint Joseph taught Jesus many things and he also showed him how to make things out of wood and become a carpenter like himself. Saint Joseph also taught Jesus about the Bible, about what the prophets said and about the many adventures that his ancestors, the People of Israel have been through. With all this, Saint Joseph helped Jesus grow up to be a good man and prepare for telling everyone about how much God loves us.

“Joseph did as the angel of the Lord commanded him.”
(Matthew 1:24)

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